Stop your Political e-mails please

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How can newsletters from this company be allowed?!

You are crossing a line. It actually disgusts me. This is part of today's newsletter from David Barrett:

"2020 was a helluva year, good riddance. Of the very few good things to come out of it, one is a glimmer of hope that social media will begin moderating their platforms in defense of democracy."

What you actually mean is that Censorship has become acceptable and that David Barrett's grammar is terrible!

"But the other was the stark reminder of how non-violent protest is the most powerful way to accomplish real change. I think the most powerful orator of this concept is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "

Are you seriously likening the BLM movement to Martin Luther King's movement?

"Contrast how a patient, persistent, and overwhelmingly peaceful Black Lives Matter movement successfully passed scores of police oversight bills around the nation -- while a violent spasm of insurgents at the Capitol brought nothing but chaos, destruction, and an indelible shame to themselves and those who supported their heinous acts."

Seriously, if you think the BLM protests with overwhelmingly peaceful, you are delusional! They did far more damage to businesses and property and far more lives were lost, but ok, you think they were peaceful?!

"And yet, while the actions of these domestic terrorists (let’s call them what they are) cannot be defended, and derive from an elaborate framework of conspiracy and lies,"

More BS - Anitifa and BLM should be classed as domestic terrorists then too, everyone wants equality, so lets treat both movements the same and call them what they both are...

Left, right or middle, no-one needs to receive your political agenda e-mails! Please stop, or you will lose many more customers.


  • burbanite
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    I read the post regarding responses to the "Democracy Letter". They seem to think that they mainly lost a small number of non-paying customers. Maybe that is correct but pretty soon they are going to feel the effect when the company I work for dumps them as a result of the two emails. After the first one they were designated as having been unethical in their business dealings with our company, the search began to find an alternative and then lo and behold another email appears.

    That prompted yet another company wide email apologizing for it and the length of time it was taking to implement the new expense reporting procedure but given the fact that there are more than 31,000 employees I'm sure it takes time. I'm sure any potential new investors waiting for Expensify to go public will take note.

  • burbanite
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    Update: Expensify sent out yet another political spam message after being asked to stop. My company immediately sent out a notice to everyone expressing their displeasure and have accelerated the urgency to replace them as a vendor. Again, more than 31,000 employees.

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    i am finally getting around to canceling my EXPENSIFY account after the incredibly inappropriate email asking me to vote for a political candidate. It doesn’t matter who they endorsed. The point is WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME HOW TO VOTE AND WHY DO YOU MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT???? the directions to cancel an account are (intentionally?) incorrect on all of your help sites.