Good Bye Expensify!

MNDisciple Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

Since the little people apparently do not have a voice in your company, I am writing to report that because of your political leanings and the fact that you sent our employees political campaign materials, we have now deleted our group policy with Expensify. I honestly waited months for a response that was acceptable. None came. When I read that because only .05% responded to your political messaging that you feel justified (Common Responses from the Democracy Newsletter — Expensify Community) please know there are many, many more of us that didn't even think your non ethical business practice even needed a response. Besides, is that what you call democracy = wasting your customer service rep's responses on things that were already being said? Apparently, so that is why I am writing this here.

I remember a time when you still had great customer service.

I hope you enjoy your new political vision as a company. It is clear that is a greater desire to keep your staff working on messaging around politics than in solving our expense reimbursement issues.

I will be deleting my personal account as soon as your policies stop holding me hostage. I was just told your company couldn't help me with that - and I would need to continue to contact concierge myself. Not exactly being "true" to your "don't let the expensify door hit you on your rear end when you leave" message you are sharing in this message: Democracy Newsletter — Expensify Community