Handling a name change

Chelsea_K Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I have an employee who has just announced that they are going through a name change. I see how to easily change names, and see how to change the email to their new email address. However, I am wondering about handling the old records versus the new ones sensitively. My main question comes with filtering and previous reports. If we filter by their new name, will previous results show up, or would I have to filter by their new name and their dead name?

I'm trying to figure out the best practice here. While I am aware of the situation, if a new employee comes in and is handling the expense reports, I don't want to accidentally out our employee going through the change, and I don't necessarily want a new employee to even be aware of the dead name. On the flip side, I also need to have the records of these earlier reports on file, and they are easily accessible via Expensify (as opposed to paper records where you would have to physically dig through the boxes of previous years records).

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