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QN Desktop export not working anymore

AMetzgerAMetzger Expensify Customer Posts: 1

We had a previous user who was in charge of Expensify who has left the company. We setup a new user profile on that pc, for the person who is taking on this role, but we are unable to get Expensify Sync Manager to actually sync with QB.

We checked the token, restarted ESM then removed it from QB Desktop Preferences as requested by the Chat. However, when we launch ESM and try to sync the policy, nothing syncs to QB Desktop. 

We have spent 2 hrs in the chat and actually took a backwards step, as we used to be able to use the previous user account to sync expense reports, but that is not working now either. There is only a single QB company file, and it was open under the admin account.

We also tried installing ESM on another pc and it showed as connected, but would not sync to QB Desktop from there either. 

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