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Rachel_R Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi there,

I am trying to automate the receipt forwarding inside of my email to make expensing easier on my boss. I created a Google Group called [firstname]-expenses@[domain] and added him and I. With that group, I've requested that when he makes purchases online, instead of his email, he adds the [firstname]-expenses@[domain] Google Group instead, so that I will will receive the receipt as well as him.

The trick that I'm trying to implement here is adding a filter to my email that flags anything sent to [firstname]-expenses@[domain] and to mark it with a tag. From there, I want it to automatically forward to

I will add either the google group or my own email to his account to accept anything forwarded from that email to be associated with his account.

I believe I have the whole system down here, but the issue is that I cannot verify the "forward-to" email since it is technically the Expensify inbox (, and does not have a way for me to verify it.

Has anyone tried to implement something like this before? If not, is there someone I could work with to try this out?

Thank you,