Expensify Card Transactions export to NetSuite

ChristinaB Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

I just set up my account to export our expense reports to NetSuite, and Expensify does a great job exporting reimbursable expenses with all the data we need captured.

My issue is with Expensify Card transactions. These are only able to be exported as journal entries, not as expense reports. I really need to be able to capture the customer/job on every expense to manage my job costing reports. There is a field on the JEs to tag an entity, but Expensify is using this field to tag the employee who made the expense instead of the customer/job.

I either need the Expensify Card transactions to export as an expense report like all the other transactions, or I need that JE to tag the customer instead of the employee.

I've contacted the Concierge chat feature and was unable to get this resolved. Does anyone have a work around?