Deep Dive: Marking reports as exported or "entered"

Rachael Hopkins
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You may have noticed that if you have a connected accounting integration, all unexported reports will display in the Inbox for all Policy Admins. This is to ensure that if you ever forget, or have a ‘silent’ export fail, you can easily see what’s awaiting export.

However, there will be some circumstances when you don't want to actually export reports, for example, if you have recently connected an accounting system but you have manually entered the reports to date. The good news is that you can easily mark your reports as "entered" without exporting them again!

How to Mark as "Entered"

Click on the name of the report in your Inbox (not the Export button) and once in the report click Export to > Mark as Manually Entered. This will tell the system that the accounting process is complete and that you don’t need an export. It will not send any data to your accounting system.

Easy peasy! Feel free to reach out to Concierge with any questions!