Is there a way to isolate all the "SmartScan Failed" entries?

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Hello all,

I have automatic e-mail forwarding set up with filters that detect e-mails that MIGHT contain expenses. However, more than 90% are false detections, due to the lack of specificity in my filters.

The problem is that I forwarded about 80K e-mails to but less than 10K actually contain expenses. Now I'm trying to batch select and delete all "SmartScan Failed" entries, even if these means losing some real expenses (which is a price I'm willing to pay so that I only have to manually sift through 10K entries and not all 80K).

Any suggestions?

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @mckenziepiping I just replied to you via Concierge. This is a very unusual practice and we don't recommend that you forward us 80k emails. Expensify is designed to use little-and-often with you forwarding email receipts as you receive them and snapping paper receipts at point of sale. Forwarding 80k emails at once, especially if they are not receipts to be SmartScanned, may result in your account becoming unusable, and I believe we have mentioned this in past - it's not an approach that we support.