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Hi - My company uses Expensify, QBO, and

Historically, any approved expense report from Expensify would sync over to QBO, but not, which is my preference since these "bills" are not paid through Recently, I noticed that the expense reports are ending up in and I am confused as to why.

What is also confusing to me is that vendor bills from our procurement platform would sync to QBO and then, but "vendor bills" from Expensify would not. How could QBO or be able to identify which vendor bills to sync to based on the system the bills originated from.


  • Jason Li
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    Hi @mabertram - welcome to the Community!

    If you're utilising a 3-way connection between QBO and, your Vendor Bills would be approved and exported to QBO first, and then sync over to We have some more information here.

    Are you stating that all Vendor Bills aren't syncing to QBO first? If so, it sounds like we might have a look into your setup. Feel free to write to and we'll be able to assist further!

  • JessicaSmith_100
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    Hi @mabertram,

    I wanted to share my findings just in case you never got this resolved or if someone else needs support with this.

    Expensify expense reports are exported to Quickbooks Online (QBO) as a bill.  

    If the expense report is exported before it is paid in Expensify, Quickbooks Online treats it as a vendor bill that needs to be paid and exports it to  

    When expense reports are paid before being exported to Quickbooks Online, the expense report is exported as a bill and a payment and therefore closed.

    It appears that this automatic prepayment export only happens some of the time and the Expensify rep I spoke with was not able to tell me why it is happening with some expense reports and not others. It does not appear to have anything with the how long you take to pay the bill etc. We had an instance where the bill was paid the same day but still exported before the payment was accounted for.

    In order to fix this issue of expensify bills being exported into Quickbooks and then to you can disable the automatic sync from Expensify to Quickbooks Online. This means that the export into Quickbooks would have to be done manually. It is easy to do with the click of the Export button after the reports are paid.

    However, a downside is that Expensify and Quickbooks would have to be synced manually to bring over new customers, projects, account codes and classes.  

    An easy fix for that is adding the sync step to the process of adding new customers, projects, account codes and classes to Quickbooks.