Personalize your Expensify account with your name and picture!

Isabela Stisser
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Expensify is always thinking of ways to create a fun and personalized experience for our customers. So congratulations! You’ve been upgraded from an anonymous email address to a real live human!

You now have the option to add a first and last name to your account, as well as a personalized avatar. Users will be prompted to set up a name and a picture via an Inbox task. Here’s what you will see in your Inbox if you haven't set up a name, or had your information automatically imported yet:

Once you add your name and upload a photo or avatar, they will display on your account (on the app and website), and replace your email when you create reports.

Very cool, right!? You can also manually edit your name and profile picture by clicking the user icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen > Account Settings > Account.

So tell us your name, show us your face, and if you have multiple identities, well, you may have to choose your favorite one!


  • Nar
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    In some occasions, it may be difficult to know who is the correct user, for example if a user input "ABC" in First Name. Then it will show "ABC" in all report including extracted CSV report and would never know the true identity. This in turn, create extra effort to "investigate" the true user

  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @Nar, Welcome to the Community!

    Expensify uses the email address as the key to the data, and the first and last names are more of a cosmetic account feature. Because the personal settings are 'owned' by the user, an Admin cannot change them on their behalf unless you are a CoPilot.

    You can see a column devoted to Submitter email on the Reports page, and the email address should be exporting to your CSVs unless you have removed the column. If you open a report and a user has used a weird name, the email address will appear when you mouse-over their name.

    The email address is also used to link users with their Employee and Vendor accounts in any connected accounting or HR software.

    I recommend if you have users entering unrecognizable first and last names in their Expensify account settings, that you request they update it to something sensible. :)