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Every ExpensiCon has been hallmarked by a keynote discussion with an interesting customer – and given our tens of thousands of customers around the world, that gives us a lot of options.

The first customer we picked for the first ExpensiCon was Xero, represented by its then-CEO Rod Drury, who shared insights on how to build a multinational organization from the ground up and bring modern solutions to the SMB. The second customer was, represented by its CEO Rene Lacerte, who talked about the need to balance your commitments to both your professional and personal life while being an effective leader.

This time around, our featured customer is the Clooney Foundation for Justice, represented by its co-founder, Oscar-winning actor & filmmaker George Clooney.  As a recipient of the AFI Life Achievement Award, two Academy Awards, and the Nobel Peace Laureates’ Peace Summit Award – we can think of no single individual who better demonstrates our ideals of Living Rich, Having Fun, and Saving the World.

George's legendary career as a film star in iconic films such as the Oceans trilogy, O Brother, Where Art Thou? or (my personal favorite) Solaris requires no introduction.  And on top of it, his Casamigos Tequila quickly became a standard on top shelves worldwide. 

However, what excites me the most is to talk with George about his incredible advocacy for freedom, democracy, and human rights around the world.  In 2016, Amal and George established the Clooney Foundation for Justice to advance justice through accountability for human rights abuses around the world.  Whether defending women in unjust courtrooms, negotiating the release of detained journalists, or aiding those experiencing the horrible atrocity of violence, the Clooney Foundation for Justice is a powerful force for good that should inspire us all.

Regardless, as incredible as that will be, he is just one of many speakers covering a wide range of topics, from accounting to… something starting with Z.  Guests at ExpensiCon will mingle with speakers, and – more importantly – with the other guests, in breakout sessions, at dinner, over drinks, or in the pool.  There is truly no event like this in the world (and it doesn't come along often) so if you haven't already signed up, please head to to register your interest today.  It's all expenses paid, so what have you got to lose?

I can't wait to see you there.


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