Can't close my account - getting message "Couldn't downgrade your policies"

atp_aviator Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Please help. I wanted not to renew my account (several months ago) and was told i had to wait until the subscription expired. In Feb/2023 the charge continued despite having an expired credit card on file.

I tried to go to settings and get the unable to downgrade policies message.

I haven't used your account in over 6 months (or more) and just want to leave, peacefully with creating a fuss.

I started using Expensify when a company i worked for used the software, so it was very efficient. I had to stop using Expensify because my ext consulting job wouldn't accept the postage stamp copies of my receipts (even tho the originals were plainly readalbe on-line). So I switched to another way to tabulate all my expenses as Expensify doesn't work for me and is irrelevant.

The lack of support from Expensify with this problem was really appalling - basically ignoring that the problem (of illegible receipts) existed.

Please advise and assist. Thank you.