Expensify Architecture Questions


I am a new expensify user and am struggling with the implementation for one of my clients. I am concerned my architecture is incorrect. I have not yet rolled expensify out to the employees.

I have 20 people with credit cards. There are 32 total credit cards, so some people have two or three cards.

I integrate with Quickbooks Online.

I have 14 different Classes/Departments.

I have a separate general ledger account for each major credit card group (Amex Platinum, Chase Visa, Amex Plum)

I want to restrict certain groups from posting to certain accounts & classes so I have created three separate policies. However, several more senior individuals will have access to multiple credit cards and multiple policies.

I am concerned that employees who have multiple cards and access to multiple policies will not get the card into the correct general ledger account. I feel like I'm doing the architecture wrong. How have you set up this type of environment.