I use SSO with SAML to authenticate - what happens if my email address changes?

emilysam Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I am going to be changing my existing email address and use SSO to sign in to Expensify. When I look at my Expensify account profile, I see two entries under secondary logins:

Access: Expensify.com

Login: myusername@mycompanydomain.com

Type: Primary

Access: saml

Login: myusername@mycompanydomain.com

Type: secondary

When my email address (also my login ID) is changed, what do I need to do to continue using SAML? Do I need to add a new secondary saml address and then delete the old? When I try to add a new secondary login, I see no option for adding a new saml login - it only seems to allow addition of an expensify.com login.