Sage Intacct and Expensify: Family Owned Office

ed_bailey2023 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hello - Does anyone use Expensify that does accounting for a family-owned office? For instance, we do the accounting for over 170 companies that are all owned by one individual. We have our main companies that carry credit cards but we have a lot of intercompany transactions. Meaning, one company will pay the credit card but it will have multiple transactions for various other companies. One small example is below. I have hit two different companies on one credit card. We have way to many companies to have one credit card per person, per entity. How are we able to use Expensify and still be able to book transactions per "entity level?" In the configuration you are able to pull in "Location, Department" etc, but not entity ID. Also, configuration lets you choose which entity you want to export to and "Top Level" is a choice but I was told you can't book to different companies on one credit card - so why is that even an option? I feel like there has to be a workaround here. Please help; our credit card process is so awful right now and we're hoping Expensify will be the solution but we're stuck right now.