[Expensify] Pay anyone, anywhere, with FREE global reimbursements

David Barrett
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tl;dr - Withdraw from 24 countries, deposit to 200+ countries, without pre-funding.

This has been a long, long time coming. I am incredibly happy to announce that Expensify is now a true global financial platform, and can support making payments from bank accounts in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and AUD to almost any bank account anywhere in the world. At no additional charge. It's real simple:

  1. Click the "Support" button in the left-hand nav to talk with your dedicated Setup Specialist, Account Manager, or just straight to Concierge.
  2. Say you want to set up "global reimbursements" and they'll walk you through the process (the exact setup flow, security checks, and underwriting model differs based on where you are withdrawing from and depositing to, so it's best done with our white-glove support service).
  3. Scan receipts and import expenses as normal – in any currency you want.  Everything about the expense reporting flow itself stays unchanged.
  4. Reimburse the report just like you have been doing for years with USD reports.  Non-USD reports are processed exactly like USD reports have always been.
  5. We will withdraw from your existing USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, or AUD bank account.  You don't need to create a new bank account, or pre-fund a settlement account, or any of that junk – just connect your non-USD account in the same way you connected your USD account.
  6. We will contact your employee to set up the deposit account, in whatever country they are located.
  7. We will deposit into your employee's account, wherever it might be in the world, just like we've been doing for USD reimbursements into US bank accounts.

And that's really it. I mean, there is an unbelievable amount of complexity behind the scenes to make that happen. But don't you worry about that; to you, it's as simple as can be.  

And it doesn't cost you extra. This is built into your base Collect or Control subscription. So go get global reimbursing, there's no reason to wait!


Founder and CEO of Expensify

Questions?  Ask me on Twitter!  @dbarrett