Extract expenses create repos from a specific period to a CSV file via API

elromano Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Dear community,

It looks like this is a very active friendly community helping each other.

I want to sort and classify automatically expenses for a user into reports by specific dates.

For example : from Nov 14th - Dec 8th

But let's deep dive into my issue :

  • Since his start 6 months ago, John Doe has 400 expenses and has scanned it without managing reports, resulting in a messy environment which take too much time to sort manually. Is there a way to use the API to :
  • List all expenses that have been scanned for a specific timeframe ?
  • Create a new report bounded to this time frame and includes his expenses ? 

I'm struggling to figure out, how I can extract all tickets scanned for a specific account into a CSV file for a specific period.

Many thanks in advance !