Expensify Sync Manager not closing Quickbooks Enterprise connection

tthompsonpad Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hey all,

I've been trying to setup Expensify Sync Manager and having this problem for the past few weeks now. I've installed the latest version, verified the certificate settings in Quickbooks, and gotten the sync running fine. My problem is that any time I get the program running it refuses to end its' Quickbooks connection when not in use. I can't enter single-user mode, and I can't force it to log out. Even if I exit the Sync Manager program the connection remains open, and trying to open Quickbooks on the host machine will repeatedly return the message "An integrated application is sharing data with Quickbooks. Please wait until the application is finished and try again." The only resolution I've found that works is uninstalling the Sync Manager, but I can't expect my staff to remote into a server, uninstall and reinstall every time they need to move reports over. I've got two other programs integrated with Quickbooks that never have this issue. Anyone else have experience with this?