Chase Credit Card Import - Transactions are Inverted Debit/Credit

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Here is my set up:

Chase Ink business credit card feed connected to Expensify

Expensify for cardholders to categorize transactions, tag projects, and provide receipts (we do not do reimbursable expenses, just business card holders)

Expensify exporting transactions to QBO


This is all working except the connection from Chase to Expensify is pulling in all purchases as credits, not debits.

I really don't want to have to manually invert all these expenses in Expensify before export to QBO or to have to manually change the entries in QBO post-export... I'm not able to edit the amount of the expense that was created from the bank feed in Expensify (understandably), and then it comes through as a Credit Card Credit in QBO, so I have no way of manually changing this even if I wanted to.

Has anyone encountered this issue and found a resolution? I tried working with the Concierge and it was not helpful.

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