Expensify API Downloader method

mariafg Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I am developing an API integration with Expensify for a client and am trying to understand where the actual contents of the CSV file are returned in the Downloader method. My client has configured a report called UserActivity in the templates section and I am now calling


which returns the name of the temporary file generated, for example exporta541733a-738f-4ffd-

9fd9-126ea4df9d7f.csv'. I then make the request with this JSON requestJobDescription:


type: "download",

credentials: {

partnerUserID: credentials.partnerUserID, // Replace with your partner user ID

partnerUserSecret: credentials.partnerUserSecret // Replace with your partner user secret


fileName: 'exporta541733a-738f-4ffd-9fd9-126ea4df9d7f.csv',

fileSystem: "integrationServer"


I am only getting the name of the original template in the response: 'UserActivity.ftl'. What am I missing here? Is the file going somewhere else in the response?