API returning zero values for expense reports with non-zero values

Silvabox Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

Our integration with Expensify has recently started returning some zero values in expense reports, but when we check the actual expense reports those fields have non-zero values. For example, expenses:amountInSubunits is being returned as 0 , and expenses:merchant returned as "(none)" (sensitive info has been redacted).

     "id": "REDACTED",
     "type": "expense",
     "merchant": "(none)",
     "description": "Lunch",
     "amountInSubunits": 0,
     "currency": "EUR",
     "currencyConversionRate": 1,
     "convertedAmountInSubunits": 1960,
     "category": "Meals and Entertainment",
     "occurredAt": "2023-05-09 19:33:18",
     "createdAt": "2023-05-09 20:29:37",
     "receiptType": "receipt",
     "receiptURL": "REDACTED",
     "reimbursable": true

Any idea why we are getting these weird values for merchant and amountInSubunits that don't match what is in the expense report? We get these results when we query the API directly.