Can Expensify do all the things I want?

AlanF Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I'm looking for a solution to help with going paperless for my personal tax. My employer (a small business, ~20-30 employees) has also agreed that if I find a suitable platform, they will integrate it into their systems for things like employee reimbursements.

My wish list of features is as follows:

  1. Ability to photograph or email receipts to the app and have them automatically scanned for dates/amounts with the data recorded
  2. Ability to group receipts within the app, e.g. "these receipts are for business trip ABC"
  3. Ability to automatically or manually sort receipts within a group into subgroups, e.g. "Here are all the receipts for business trip ABC. These ones are my personal meal expenses, these ones are my personal transport expenses, these ones are my business-related expenses for reimbursement"
  4. Ability to assign different line items on the same receipt to different groups/subgroups e.g. "this is the fuel station receipt from business trip ABC. The fuel goes in the business expenses for reimbursement subgroup, and the can of coke goes into my personal meal expenses subgroup."
  5. Ability to export the groups or sub-groups of receipts as PDF, and with a summary report. e.g. export all personal meal expenses from business trip ABC into this folder, resulting in a PDF showing all the receipts, and a PDF showing a summary of the dates/amounts and a total amount
  6. Exporting features in points 5 able to be performed either in the phone app (to iCloud/Dropbox folders) or in a web browser (to laptop file system)
  7. Ability to export the groups or sub-groups of receipts as PDF's/images, and send with a summary and reimbursement request to my employer
  8. All of the above performed with no manual data entry (i.e. all receipts scanned by OCR or similar and the data automatically populated), but with the ability to edit data if it is interpreted incorrectly, or if e.g. some items on a receipt are to be excluded

My employer's wish list is as follows:

  1. Ability for employees to record receipts and create and send a reimbursement request with no manual data entry
  2. For items on reimbursement request to be able to be assigned a reference number/job number either per-item or for the whole reimbursement request (reference numbers able to be added either by the employee prior to sending, or by the employer after being received)
  3. Integration with MYOB and Xero

How many of these wish list items can Expensify do?