"Request" showing rather than Report. Stuck in Processing.

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I have a contractor I pay using Expensify. Nothing has changed in regards to our Workspace, yet when they submit an expense, what was previously an Expense is now being labeled Request. There is no auto-generated Report ID, it just says "Request" and neither of us are able to edit the ID. Furthermore it freezes their ability to use the app, add to the Request(Report), or even delete the Request. We've been at this for a week and Concierge has been anything but helpful. Any insight is appreciated.


  • rileyfiretail
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    I am getting the same issue and also it raises errors when i try to modify any expenses. i am having to delete expenses if there is anything to change in them

  • OFE
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    Yes, exactly what I'm experiencing. Also an inability to even reject the expense to have the contractor make edits. On the submitter side they are unable to make edits or delete the expense once it is initially submitted.

  • MSins
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    I have the same issue, and what I got out of Concierge is that the Free Plan was changed about a week ago (no warning, thanks guys) and this is now working as intended. Any receipts go into a zombie report called “Request” and the user can’t change the name. “Request” is always in purgatory Processing, there is no Open or Submitted or Approved. The only thing the admin can do is either Reimburse it (at some random time because who knows when the user was finished with it), or, if all expenses are marked non-reimbursable, the admin can Close it. Closing it does nothing at all.

    After Request is either Reimbursed or Closed, new receipts go straight into a new zombie Request. You can never delete it, and you can never open a new one, and never change the name

    Totally useless. And the Free Plan FAQ does not admit to or explain any of this.

    If you’ve had any different experience, do let me know…. Also I cant upgrade to paid, I have to make a new account (or Workspace or Policy or whatever they call it now. A new thing, with reinviting users all over again.)

  • OFE
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    I went back and forth with Concierge and they told me the same thing. Basically "Yes this is how things are now", utterly useless. Moments later my contractor was able to upload a report in the old (functional) fashion. When I presented this to Concierge they replied with "Does this mean your problem is resolved? If so great!..." To which I replied "It seems to be resolved at the moment. I'm hesitant to say it actually is because there was no acknowledgment of the issue being an issue, and we have no explanation as to how it was corrected." Their response is that their team is actively working on this issue so it may explain the resolution.

    Which leaves everything very unclear still. Concierge saying essentially "This is the new functionality" then saying my issue was resolved when it reverts back to the old/correct way of working reads like a lack of understanding of how the system works or is meant to work. At least in my eyes.

  • Chadrach
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    I have the same issue. I can't rename reports as they are instantly in Processing mode even if I haven't added any expenses to them. Essentially Expensify is useless for me to build reports or submit them. The "Zombie" mode mentioned in other comments is completely accurate. I will likely need to look for another platform.