Using Guided Review for Report Approvals

Stephanie Elliot
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Reviewing, Approving and Rejecting Reports 

When a report is submitted to you for approval, you’ll see it in your Inbox. Click Begin Review and Concierge will walk you through reviewing and approving those reports. 

✔️ Reviewing Violations 

Expenses that fall outside of your policy's rules will be flagged with a Violation. Violations must be approved by the reviewer before a report is able to be approved. 

When reviewing a violation, you will be given the option to either approve or reject the expense. 

✔️ Rejecting Expenses 

While reviewing a report, you can reject just specific expenses by clicking into the expense and selecting Reject. If you'd like to reject all expenses on a report, you can select Reject in the report header. 

Either action will send the rejected expenses back to the submitter's Expenses page in the Open state. From there, they can fix the violations and/or resubmit them, if necessary.

✔️ Approving Reports 

To approve a report, just select the Approve button on the report. Approve and Forward will send it along to the next approver in the workflow. Final Approve will stop the approval chain and the report will be ready for reimbursement, if applicable. 

👌Troubleshooting Pro-Tip: If you find that you approved a report by accident, just open the report and select Unapprove to send it back to the employee in the Open state.