Frustrations using Expensify & Netsuite?

Ian_Michael Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I have been trying to get set-up with Expensify for about a month now. Expensify seems to keep adding arbitrary hoops to jump through. Which I would jump through... if there was any documentation on how to do it.

If anyone has any ideas/tips on what to do I would be incredibly appreciative.

Situation: I have my Netsuite linked as well as all the cards we want to use with Expensify. We cannot figure out how to assign the members of my workspace to the credit cards.

I think the issue stems from some of our users having a slightly different email domain. Everyone is in the same policy or workspace (confusing). However users with the different domain are not in our "domain" tab (which has zero information - see screenshot).

How do I assign users cards?