How do I escalate an issue and/or talk to an Expensify Rep on the Phone?

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Known issue: Dozens of Duplicate Expenses on non-Expensify cards We have a non-expensify card we use and the Conceirge is creating dozens of duplicate charges that have already been processed and approved. I have been told we need to unassign each charge then re-link the cards in Expensify and then reassign them. Well, I did that for a couple of single users but now I have about a half dozen users with a dozen expense reports that have some current charges mixed in with duplicates. I feel Expensify should clean these up since it is their known issue but for them to do that they want us to remove current charges from the expense reports and then give them the Report ID for each. At this point, we might as well do the corrections ourselves. Given, this is an on-going issue I don't want to have to this week after week.