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Why doesn't Mileage have effective date settings?

FaV Expensify Customer Posts: 5 Expensify Newcomer

You gave us the ability to have multiple mileage rates, but I don't want my end user to 'pick' which one to use. I can add the new 2024 mileage rate as a second rate entry, leaving my 2023 rate intact for the remainder of the month, but there are no 'effective dates' that would allow for the default rate being used to be based on the expense transaction date.

Example: my user enters a mileage expense after the fact, in mid-January, after the new (higher) 2024 rate has taken effect, but the transaction date when the miles were incurred was back in December. The December mileage should be reimbursed at the old, lower rate from the previous year, not the new higher rate for the new year.

Every other Expense platform I've used allows for date-specific mileage rates to be applied dynamically. Why not Expensify?

It causes a lot of extra, unnecessary work to have our AP team review every mileage entry to reconfirm the date it was incurred, and ensure that the rate being used is accurate for that entry. Not to mention, changes to mileage entries are really wonky after the fact.

When will your platform have the ability to use an effective date for rate-specific reimbursements? I can see the same issue happening for per diems as well.