Expensify made the free account practically unusable

denwen Expensify Customer Posts: 2

Expensify used to be wonderful. I used to have a paid account and paid through the pandemic even though I had zero paper receipts to scan for over two years.

I only use it to keep track of my paper receipts. I don't have a company or other ppl involved.

Then they changed something and started auto-submitting reports which was extremely annoying, so i stopped paying. I could still use most everything I needed, and if i need to jump through hoops, i might as well not pay for it.

That worked for a couple years, but now they changed it even further and reports auto close and can't be reopened and edited. One of my receipts for $11 scanned and shows $6 million, auto submitted and closed, and support tells me that I cannot edit it since it is closed.

This practically makes this app absolutely useless.