Has the submitter.lastName field changed?

mattv Expensify Customer Posts: 5
edited December 2023 in Integrations and API

I have read the API reference doc: https://integrations.expensify.com/Integration-Server/doc/

And the template overview: https://integrations.expensify.com/Integration-Server/doc/export_report_template.html

My export has been running fine every week for the last few years. Then all of a sudden around 10/04/2023, the last name field is always blank.

submitter.firstName is working.

submitter.lastName is blank.

submitter.fullName only shows first name.

I commented on another question, but have not received any help. This is a major problem for us, because we use this data in our internal reporting, and filter by the fullName field. Currently our reports have been broken for 2 months.

Either something has changed and the documents have not been updated or the API is broken.