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We chatted with a couple of your representatives regarding one particular issue but both of them didn't help us at all. They didn't even understand what the issue was. We didn't think they don't have any information or knowledge of the technical issues, and we can't even call them, so we'd greatly appreciate it if someone could help us here!

Our question/issue is very simple.

We have the "New" option for Report on PC but not on the smartphone app. For accounting purposes, our company must choose "New" for each report regardless in order to issue a new Report ID#. We just simply need the "New" option on the app as well so that everybody can submit the report through their own cell phones.

Those representatives that we spoke to were suggesting creating a report manually but we can't. It is because we use Expensify Visa, which means that if we use Expensify Visa, a report is created automatically and the automated report cannot be deleted. So if we create another report for the same transaction manually, the report will be duped. Expensify should know about it but they keep suggesting creating another report manually.

So we just need the "new" option for Report or a way to issue a separate Report ID# for each transaction.

Those reps were talking about the "Scheduled Submit" option but it is nothing to do with this issue. We are talking about Report ID#. Please help us.

Thank you!

Expensify on the smartphone app