How to create a pdf report of all expenses matching a tag and dates using API

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I need to periodically create a PDF report which contains transactions matching a tag and within certain time range.

Currently here are steps I take..

1) I manually log into website,

2) use filter to select the transactions matching one of the tags and enter start/end date

3) add all resulting transactions to a new report.

4) Go to report page, and rename newly created report.

5) Download pdf with all full receipt images.

Then repeat all above steps for each tag (over 10 tags).

Ideally I would like to fetch tags using API too, so ideally using API I would like do following.

1) fetch all tags

2) for each tag, filter transactions for a certain time range

3) add them to a report

4) download the report in PDF with all receipt attachments.

Is it possible to do it all with API so I don't have to manually do it ?

I checked the API documentations but wasn't fully sure on what series of steps I need to take to get this done.