How can I use Expensify for expenses claimed in pounds with an employer working in dollars?

Max_A Expensify Customer Posts: 1


I'm based in the UK and my employer is based in the US. My expenses payment was a few % different from what I was expecting.

My expenses in ££s all get converted to $ at the moment they're entered (shown in the expense report).

Then at the end of the month when they're approved/paid, it seems the $ amount is converted back to £. (At that day's rate.)

I can't tell the admin to change everyone over to work in £ just for me. Is there a way to ensure that it pays me what I spent?

(Why do I think it is doing the conversion at the point of entry? I get emails saying "You've got $1234 of expenses outstanding" And $1234 stays the same each week. But by today's exchange rate, I don't have $1234, I have $1230 maybe. And by the time the claim is approved and paid it might be $1240. So it isn't like I could go in and reset all the amounts when I submit, by the time it is approved and paid it could be 2 weeks later. Follow up question: Why is expensify so slow to transfer money? It said it would be paid on the 27th for nearly a week and then actually paid on the 28th...)

I asked the concierge and they said "Ask the admin" I asked the admin and they were confused.