Need to release Domain Control

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I'm part of a large organization that has autonomous subsidiaries around the globe, but we all use the same domain for our email addresses.

One group already is on Expensify and needs to release domain control so that other groups can get on without being a part of that existing group's structure in Expensify.

How can we do that, without disruption to the policies and approval structure of the group with domain control?


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @keithN, I'm happy to help with this. I want to start off by saying that this is a very easy process, but your team member with domain control must follow the instructions below to avoid causing any issues.

    1. Log into the account in charge of the domain. This is generally the individual who claimed and validation the domain, but that email could have changed if the admin is no longer with your company.
    2. Navigate to the Admin page > Domain Control
    3. Use the red trash can icon to delete the domain claim in Expensify
      Please note: It is incredibly important that the domain admin remove the domain control in Expensify and NOT any of the employees listed within domain control. Removing an employee from domain control is actually deleting the account itself. If the domain is deleted instead, it is just the administrative control over the accounts that is removed.

    Please reply here or reach out to if you'd like more support with this, or have more questions!

    One more thing, do any of the domain members have a company card assigned to them from with Domain Control > Company Cards? If so, when the domain is removed the connection to the card will be removed as well (all unsubmitted expenses are removed in scenario). If this is the case, we should probably finish this up in email so we can discuss account specifics.

  • Chad_51
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    I have the same problem but the employee with domain control is no longer with the company and has been deleted from expensify but I assume still has domain control and I can't get it released. I emailed about this yesterday and still haven't gotten a response.