Can I group receipts from multiple users by TAG for reporting purposes?

Curtis Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

I have a construction client that uses expensify and they 'need' to keep a copy of credit card receipts in the job file. Is it possible to group receipts from multiple users into one 'report' so that I could print 6-9 receipts per page for a given time frame?

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  • tylerzoll
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    @Curtis, I really like the quatations arround the word need. Unfortunetly, I'm not seeing an easy way to do this. I do have a situation though that has a similar requirement. Fortunatly, the Amazon S3 links are permanent and exportable. I would reccomend setting your filters on the expenses tab, then exporting to a CSV. From there, you should get a list of links that you can click on to download the specific receipts.

    In my situation I was able to appease some people by giving them a list of links in the CSV file and they were willing to accept that.

    I do think this is a good idea though and I see an easy way to do this in the new UI. With the receipt view, you can easily filter out the receipts that you need. From that point if there were an export to PDF option on the receipts view page, it would make a lot of sense. Do you want to submit that as an idea? If not I would be happy to do that.