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My company is looking into getting purchasing cards - basically Visa or MasterCard that can be controlled and restricted by user. It'd be paid for corporately, but reconciled at the user level. If all transactions are imported at the corporate level, can they be automatically "posted" to a specific user account?

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    Hi @chuck, great question! We recommend connecting company cards through Domain Control > Company Cards. This allows you to import the entire list of company cards and then assign specific cards to the respective cardholder in Expensify.

    When you assign the card we will import transactions from that card directly into the employees's Expensify account, making it easy to upload receipts and submit company expenses.

    We offer two types of connections for Company Cards; a direct connection or connection via commercial feed. Your bank rep will be able to help you determine if your bank account is eligible for a commercial feed. If it is, we recommend going that route for the most stable import experience.

    Once your account is connected, you'll want to check out our Help Center to learn more about assigning, unassigning and updating company cards here. Additionally, our article on managing company card preferences will be invaluable.

    After you've assigned cards to employees, we'd recommend sharing our Cardholder 101 article with them. It gives a great overview and offers many helpful tips for making the most of the functionality.

    As an admin, you might also like to attend our Company Card training webinar, which you can sign up for in our Community here.