How do you stop Expensify from choosing which report each expense goes to?

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For our company, we have many jobs occurring at one time. Our employees are required to submit separate reports for each job, so as a result they will have many reports open at one time. Expensify has been automatically applying expenses to whatever report it chooses after smart scanning. This also happens if an admin rejects an expense, the expense will show up on another random report, causing our employees to go searching for it. They also must review each report in detail before submission in case Expensify randomly put expenses on the wrong report. We love the Smart Scanning but could really do without the auto apply-to-any-report-it-wants feature.

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    Hi @K_SUT, welcome to the Community! Since your company has Scheduled Submit disabled at the company policy level, there is a chance your employees are using it at the personal policy level instead. This feature places expenses on a report created for the employee or on their last edited report, based on the frequency they have selected.

    To remove the automatic report entirely, employees should navigate to their Settings > Policies > click on [Personal policy] > Reports tab and disable Scheduled Submit.

    Next, if they use the mobile app to upload receipts, they should take the steps below.

    Log into your mobile app, then:
    1. Snap a photo of anything, it can be deleted later.
    2. Tap Add details in the growl at the bottom
    3. Tap More options
    4. In the Report field, select "(none)"
    5. Save the expense,

    All future receipts will be unreported unless Scheduled Submit is re-enabled at the policy or personal level. Cheers!