How to edit tags when syncing to QB Essentials?

NicoVerzijdenNicoVerzijden Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

How can edit or even use tags in Expensify when syncing to QBO Essentials? We had tags before but now that we sync to QBO Essentials, we can't see them anymore nor can we edit them.

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  • IsabelaStisserIsabelaStisser Posts: 173 Expensify Success Coach
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    Hey @NicoVerzijden, you don't need to delete the tags or loose functionality in Expensify. As Sheena mentioned above, the QuickBooks Essentials integration has limited functionality and unfortunately won't accept reports that have tags on them during export. The workaround to export reports from Expensify to QB Essentials would be to delete the tags on the specific reports that you would like to export to the integration.

    I hope that my answer clears the confusion and let me know if you have any other questions! ;)


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