Corporate Card Duplicate Expenses

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We just imported our Amex P-Card corporate card to Expensify to sync with QBO. This is a company paid credit card so Non-Reimbursable by nature. We also have employees submitting Out-Of-Pocket expenses that do need reimbursement. Prior to import of Corp Cards, we identified employees submitting Amex nonreimbursable expenses as reimbursable. Does this import of company cards match vendor and amount and prevent duplicate submissions? If so, does this match only happen in one policy or across multiple policies?

We are trying to avoid reimbursing employees for charges they didnt pay for.

On another note, are we also able to assign corporate cards to multiple policies?I brought over the entire Amex MCA to the Domain Control but will need to disaggregate further.


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @JackYates, thanks for posting! When you import a company card in Domain Control, you have the option to enforce the expenses from the cards to always be non-reimbursable. This can be done in your Settings > Domain Control > [Company Domain] > Company Cards tab > Settings tab. (Below)

    If you have your company card expenses importing into Expensify and into QuickBooks, it will be very important that you export expenses from Expensify before accepting the charges in QuickBooks. If you accept the charge before exporting, you will end up with duplicates and they won't match automatically.

    Regarding assigning company cards to specific policies, this isn't something we currently support. We are exploring ways we can in the future though and in the meantime I recommend attending our live Company Card Management webinar. This webinar covers the best ways to manage company cards and gives time for Q&A with my wonderful team at the end.

    I hope this helps!