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How do I input a credit I just received for a cancelled airline flight? The flight expense has already been submitted and closed.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @DebbieW, great question and welcome to the Community! If you've been reimbursed for this expense by your company and need to pay the reimbursement back, I'd recommend adding a negative reimbursable expense to your next reimbursable report. By adding a negative reimbursable expense, the amount you were refunded and need to account for will be subtracted from the reimbursable total of the next report.

    If this expense was submitted as non-reimbursable, and you simply need to account for it with your company, I'd recommend creating a negative non-reimbursable expense to be added to your next report.

    To create a negative expense, you can add parentheses to the expense like so; ($10.00).


  • eskufca
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    I've been wondering about this exact situation. In the case where the company needs the reimbursement back, what happens if the next report that employee submits doesn't have as many expenses as is due back to the company? In other words, what would happen with an excess/remainder balance due back to the company (leftover negative expense balance)? Can this be tracked and carried over to future reports?

    Or perhaps we just need to sort out with our payroll provider if there's a way to do a negative reimbursement or some other form of 'withholding'? Any thoughts or insight appreciated.

  • Nicole Mendonca
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    @eskufca Thanks for getting in touch! In that case, you'll need to wait until the employee has enough expenses to offset the negative expense (the amount they "owe"). So if they need to pay back $100, then you'd need to wait until the employee incurs $101 worth of expenses and submit that on the same report. Ideally, you'd want the employee to submit the negative expenses on their new reports.

    Hope that helps!