Can I default the department/class assigned for each employee?

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Is it possible to associate each policy member with a department/class so that when his/her expenses are exported to Quickbooks, they go to one department/class? I would prefer each person not have to select a department for each expense they enter.


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @kspeiser76, welcome to the Community! With a connection to QuickBooks Online it's not possible to code expenses to an employee default assigned from QB. If your classes are importing as tags, you can ask employees to set up an Expense Rule to automatically apply a department and class tag to each expense.

    How to set up the Expense Rule

    1. Log into your account using you preferred web browser (examples Chrome, Safari, IE)
    2. Head to Settings > Your Account > Expense Rules,
    3. Click New Rule,
    4. Enter a period, "." in the When Merchant name contains: field,
    5. Select the tags,
    6. Save the rule.

    All expenses created after this rule is made will have a default class coded to them. If an employee needs to change either tag to submit an uncommon expense, they will be able to do so.