API error "Request failed: unsupported media type (415)"

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Some of our users report the following error when they try to export from our app (Genius Scan) to Expensify. We haven't changed anything recently, could you enlighten us on what this could mean?




  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @bvrlt, thanks for posting. Are you using an integration built by Genius Scan to connect with Expensify? If so, they will be the best contact for support regarding this issue.

    The types of files Expensify accepts for receipts are below, can you confirm your employees are sending an accepted type?

    • Picture attachments - Send in pictures of receipts as a GIF, JPG, PNG, or PDF and we’ll add them to your list of unattached receipts
    • Text/HTML email - Send in text email, TXT or HTML receipts (such as airline e-ticket itineraries or rental car contracts) and we’ll convert them into images that work just like all other receipts.
    • Documents - Send in Microsoft Word, RTF, or PDF documents to convert them to receipt images.


  • bvrlt
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    Hi Sheena,

    Thanks for your reply. Actually I'm the developer of Genius Scan. We have had the Expensify integration for a very long time and Genius Scan can only export PDF and JPEG files, which is why I'm trying to understand the reason for this error on behalf of one of our users. Would it be possible for you to investigate server side why this was rejected?

  • Ted Harris
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    Ahh! Great, thanks for the heads up @bvrlt. It would be ace to get some specifics from you for users who have run into this and screenshots of the error message they're seeing - we can check out integration server logs to see what's occurred for these folks.

    Would you mind reaching out to [email protected] and refer back to this thread? We'll just need some user specific details and account information which probably isn't best shared on the public forum!

    Happy to post whichever resolution we find back here for others who might run into it in the future as well though!

  • bvrlt
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    Thanks, @Ted Peeters . Email sent, with a trace of the request.