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Jessica McRyan
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I’m running into issues when trying to export reports for our “Corporate Card Expense” policy to NetSuite.

i.e. when I try to export the June expense report to NetSuite I get this error message:



  • Katie Oswalt
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    Hi Jessica! I'm so sorry to hear you're having issues with these exports. Let's get you sorted here.

    If you click the link in the error message for this error, it will bring you to this page with the steps to rectify this issue: ExpensiErrorNS0005

    This error message comes straight from NetSuite and it appears that a Classification has been made a mandatory setting in Accounting Preferences.

    When exporting as a** Vendor Bill**, we pull the vendor name rather than the employee; in this case, the employee default will not apply. You would either need to make sure these are unchecked in your accounting preferences or choose to import these as tags or report fields.

    You can do one of two things here:

    1. Uncheck the box that represents the Classification To do this, type "accounting preferences" in the Global Search Box > Classifications:

    1. Make sure that you have tagged expenses for the report accordingly with the correct Class.

    If you're having trouble when exporting as a Journal Entry, this could be because the submitter of the report does not have an employee default set for this Class.

    To resolve, please give the employee a default Class by going to Lists > Employees > click "Edit" next to the employee entry for the report submitter. Scroll down to the Classification section and select a default Class for your employee. Click Save, and sync your NetSuite connection in Expensify.

    Does this resolve the issue?

  • SmallHD
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    For a "Vendor Bill", I have my classifications set to where Department, Class and Location is unchecked. But get the following error message...

    I have already gone through the error message and troubleshot the process. These fixes did not fix the problem.

  • tylerzoll
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    Are classes a required field? If there is a * by the class field on the form that NetSuite is using to import your transaction then it will be a problem. I had this happen to me.

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @SmallHD, @tylerzoll is spot on! This article provides step by step instructions on locating and checking your forms to resolve this.