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We're looking at options for receipt and expense tracking. I noticed on the complete features list, Control has "accounting codes" as a feature. What is that? Will that change how Expensify imports/exports to QuickBooks Online? Seems a little vague.

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @ccastelli94 - the difference between how the import works from QuickBooks Online is purely based on whether we'll import GL codes or not between Collect and Control connections. So with Control you get the option for special category based rules as well as GL Code and Payroll Code columns:

    But with Collect you only get the Account Name imported from QuickBooks Online:


    For your second question, Company Cards can be managed through Domain settings. This feature is available to both Control and Collect policies.

    Take a look at our What are "Domains" and how do I use them? post for more info on Domain settings and Company Cards.