How to merge two accounts when one is using an incorrect address?

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I created 1 account on my iPad and another on my computer. I'd like to sync them. However, the account on my iPad has the wrong email (xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.coom) - w/ 2 oos in .com. Thus, I can't verify the account b/c the email is incorrect.

The 2nd account is set-up correctly. How may I update the account name/email on the iPad version and sync. The iPad version has 4-5 receipts I saved - but the account is nearly useless.

It maybe a simple fix - but I can find where (on the iPad app install) where to change


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    @288Sports, thanks for posting and welcome! It's not possible to validate and merge the incorrect email account unless you have access to that email. Since that is unlikely, it won't be possible to recover this account.

    Do you still have the 4-5 receipts that you uploaded into that account? If so, it will be best to add them to the account using the correct email address. The other account, using the .coom email, can be abandoned as no one will be able to access it.