How-to: Connect your Verified Bank account for the Expensify Card

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Connecting your business bank account is one of the first steps in enabling the Expensify Card. The connected account will be used for the settlement of your Expensify Card activity.

Important: The Expensify Card is only available for US business bank account holders.

Connecting your Verified Bank Account

  1. Log into your Expensify account using your preferred web browser, (ie: Chrome or Safari).
  2. Head to Settings > Account > Payments
  3. Click Add Verified Bank Account.
  4. Click Log Into Online Bank Account and then Continue when you hit the Plaid screen
  5. Choose your bank from the list in order to connect your business bank account using the online banking credentials (if don't see your bank in the list, click here to learn how to add it manually).

Note on Connecting Plaid

Monthly settlement is only available for bank accounts connected with Plaid. If you connected your bank account manually, or your Plaid connection was disconnected, it's easy to connect it again! Simply go to Settings > Account > Payments in the Expensify web app and click Connect on your Settlement account:

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