Why does Expensify want to be allowed access to all of our bank accounts???

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I got an update of some sort from Expensify via some third party platform. When I started the process, I was asked to allow Expensify to view/see/access all of our bank accounts not just the one we use for reimbursements.

Is there a way I can select exactly which accounts I want to allow Expensify to "see"? There is no reason, at all, for Expensify to see our operating account or other bank accounts? If there is not an option to allow Expensify to see one particular account, any suggestions on other expense reimbursement program like Concur?


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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hello @BDBVAGA, thanks for posting. When updating your business bank account information, you should only be granting view access for the one account you select to use and update. If your login credentials give access to multiple accounts, you will see a step to choose which account to connect.

    Did you get this option when updating the information requested?