How-to: Connect Navan to your Expensify group policy

Rachael Hopkins
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Booking travel through Navan? Link your Expensify and Navan accounts to automatically send flight receipts to Expensify for easy reporting. To get a demo of TripActions, sign up here.

How to set up the integration: 

1. Sign in at

2. Click on your profile in the upper right corner.

3. Select “Integrations” from the drop-down menu.

4. In the Expensify box, click the “Enable” link.

5. Uncheck the box to “Disallow company card expensing”.

6. Check the box to “Automatically push expense when booking a flight”.

Moving forward, any flights you book through Navan will automatically be added to an expense report in Expensify. 

Using a central booking account:

By default, expenses are created in the Expensify account of the user submitting the expense. For company cards and user-owned corporate cards, you can override this default by following these steps:

1. Click "Edit" next to Expensify. 

2. Enter the email address you want the receipts to go to.

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