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Reports with filters

JosephH Expensify Customer Posts: 8 Expensify Newcomer

Each month when I need to invoice the customer I need to include all the expenses for that month.

This seems to work pretty well for the actual figures, they export to Xero and I just hit a button to add them to the invoice.

However I need to send the customer the receipts too. How can I do this - Expensify doesn't seem to have any way to export a pdf of just the receipts for one customer? In fact the export process seems very basic, I have very little control over it - if the receipts are spread across two different reports and I have to generate exported PDF for each report, and each report also contains the receipts for all our other customers...

Surely 'sending the customer the receipts you're invoicing them for' is a pretty common use case, have I missed something?