How do I disable auto-sync if I'm using an accounting integration with Expensify?

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(We do not enable the reimbursement feature in Expensify at this time, we administer the reimbursements ourselves.) We are finding that our report volume is so high that when we do weekly payment runs, a payment run report we do within Expensify to identify the approved reports ready to be paid often does not match the payment run reports we generate in our accounting system because in the short space of time (a few minutes!) between requesting the payment run reports in each system, a new expense report will be approved and added to the second payment run report.

While I definitely appreciate not having to manually sync reports anymore, this is causing some stress for us. It would be ideal to be able to shut off the auto-sync feature just for a couple of hours each week as we finalize the payment run.

When the feature was first introduced, I had seen an admin setting that allowed me to shut it off. However, I am not able to locate that setting anymore and it appears to have been taken away. Am I wrong? Can I still turn this on/off? Could it be added back into our admin settings somehow?

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    Hi @mollie -- It's so great to see you in the community, welcome! I know we had a chance to chat about this via email, but I want to share the solution here so others with a similar question can find that setting too.

    Auto-sync settings for your accounting integration will always be located in the 'Advanced' tab of the configuration in Expensify.

    To find this, navigate to your Settings tab > Policies > Group > click on policy name > Connections section > 'Configure' button under your connection > Advanced tab.

    Clicking the green toggle to the right of auto-sync will disable the functionality, and you'll need to manually sync and export reports moving forward. Additionally, I'd like to note that enabling auto-sync does not retroactively export the reports you've Final Approved in the interim.

    If you have account specific questions, please feel free to reach out to and we can discuss your account privately.