Admin Onboarding Webinar - FAQs

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Here's a selection of common questions from our Admin Onboarding webinar!

We are an organization with a policy in both UK and Spain. We have employees who have access to both policies. When they upload their expenses, is there a way of allocating to the correct policy? At the moment they all seem to default to one of the policies and I need some of them to default to the other policy.

Each employee can set their default policy from their own account. I would suggest having your employees set the correct default policy by navigating to Settings > Group > Policies and clicking Make Default next to the appropriate policy. That said, if your employees create a report on a different policy, they can easily update the policy that report is on by clicking into the report and choosing the accurate policy from the policy name drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the report.

What is the difference between a category and a tag? is there any interdependency between the two?

Categories and Tags are not dependent on each other. Categories are meant to be an overarching label for your expenses, while Tags are often used as a more granular way to identify expenses.

What is a manual reimbursement?

You can mark a report as manually reimbursed if you aren't reimbursing your users through Expensify via direct ACH reimbursement. Marking a report as manually reimbursed indicates that the report is approved and will be reimbursed outside of Expensify.

Can you reimburse employees via a connected credit card?

You can only reimburse employees through Expensify via ACH direct deposit. This option is only available for users residing in the US and Australia. 

Can one person have multiple roles? Say an Employee role and an Auditor role?

No, each user in Expensify can only have one User Role. 

Can you change who the Policy Admin is on a policy? Can there be multiple Policy Admins?

Yes, you can change someone's User Role under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People by choosing the blue cog next to their email and selecting Policy Admin. Additionally, you can have as many Policy Admins as necessary! There is no limit on that. 

How do I manage a client company's cards, even though my firm has a different domain name?

You don’t have to have the same domain as your clients to enable Domain Control. As long as their domain is private, you can go through the validation process just the same and then assign their company cards in Domain Control.

Is there a way to add expenses from a personal card and a company card onto the same report?

Yes! There's a company card setting in Domain Control that allows you to default company card expenses to non-reimbursable. With that setting enabled, any expenses from those cards will automatically import as non-reimbursable. Similarly, there is a setting for personal cards that you can enable so that all expenses imported from that card import as reimbursable. 

My company is changing domains and I have many domain members with assigned company cards. Can we migrate domain members from one domain to another and have the card connection migrate too? Or do we have to change the connection between the bank and domain first?

We can help you migrate your domain! As long as the new email addresses map 1:1 to the old ( to, an Expensify account doesn’t already exist with the new domain and only the original domain is validated, this process is a breeze. You'll want to reach out to requesting a domain migration, and we'll get you sorted! 

How do I reject the entire report and not just one expense?

You can reject an entire report by clicking “Reject” at the top of the report.

If expenses are submitted in a different currency will they be exchanged to the "report output currency" (USD) or will it be the employee's responsibility to do the currency exchange before submitting?

Any expenses in a foreign currency should automatically convert to the policy's default currency.

If we set our scheduled submit frequency to "monthly" from "manually", will you receive an option to pick which date of the month?

Yes! When updating Scheduled Submit to monthly you will also have the option to select which day of the month.

If we have 50 employees, but only 20 or so use that month do we pay for the 20 or the 50?

It depends on your subscription type. If you're set up on Pay-per-use, and you have 20 users active that month, you'll be charged for 20 users. If you have an Annual Subscription with your subscription size set to 50 and 20 users are active that month, you'll be charged for 50 active users.

If you are on annual billing, can you add seats as new employees join and still get the same annual rate?

Yes, you can always increase your subscription size on an Annual subscription.

Where can we find the payment options for setting up our company?

Go ahead and check out this link for more information on billing.

Are tags helpful for departments if we want to export to our accounting system?

Yes, tags are definitely helpful here. With an accounting integration, you will need to add, edit, update your tags on the accounting integration side first and then import them into Expensify.

Can an accounting integration be restricted to one person on the policy? I only want certain people to have access to the integration settings. 

Only a Policy Admin will have access to the accounting integration connection. Employees won’t have the option to sync the connection or export reports to the integration in Expensify.

How can I find out if my software package integrates with Expensify?

Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections. You’ll see all of the accounting packages that we have a direct integration with.